She’s Wildin’: Woman Pours Gasoline All Over Her Mother’s House And Burns It Down After A Dispute Ov


The house that was set on fire in the incident belonged to Ms. Vu Thi D. (61 years old, in Trung Hoa, Vietnam). The mother lost her husband, she had 3 daughters and 1 son. Issues arose when it came to the division of land. The mother divided among son and 3 daughters, each got a piece of land in the alley and the parties agreed to sign. However, at about 9:30 am this morning (October 30), the three daughters came to their mother's house and wanted to claim a piece of land on the street. At this time, the mother disagreed because the land has already been divided. "After that, her 3 daughters went to buy a can of gasoline and poured it on the floor of their mother's house and burned it. The incident caused all four mothers and children to get burned, of which 3 had to go to the hospital, and 1 daughter. was mildly ill, so he stayed at home," Mr. Hoach informed. The police are currently investigating and clarifying the cause. Vietnamese people will continue to inform about the case

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