SMH: Student Attack On Disabled Teacher Possibly Tied To "Slap A Teacher" TikTok Challenge!


Covington Police Department arrested 18-year-old Larrianna Jackson on a felony charge of battery on a school teacher.

Her mugshot is concerning. It looks like the young woman is holding in a big laugh. Does she think hitting a teacher and being arrested for it is funny?

What’s funny about ruining your own life at such a young age?

It has yet to be confirmed if this was a “slap a teacher” attempt.

However, the fact that someone was already recording the incident and it went viral suggests that the dangerous trend likely inspired this young woman.

“Slap A Teacher Challenge” Echos Knockout Game The latest violent social media trend reminds me of the infamous “knockout game.” Delinquent teens attacking people with violence is a tale as old as time.

However, the mainstream media continues to trivialize such attacks by teens.

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