So Wrong: Nurse Assaults Elderly Woman While Laughing At Her Inside A Retirement Home!


Two female workers at the Home for the Elderly in Peja, Kosovo were arrested today on suspicion of physical violence against an elderly resident of the home, the Kosovo police announced immediately after a video of this scene of violence was published on social networks.The news was confirmed by the Kosovo Minister of Internal Affairs with strong condemnation. Reactions and condemnations are coming. Meanwhile, Gazeta Express reported that four nurses were suspended because of this case.The footage of the violence that was published today on social networks and in the media allegedly took place in the “Orenda” care center for the elderly in Pec, and the police spokesman for the Pec region, Fadilj Gashi, in a statement to Clan of Kosovo he stated that the attack on the old woman actually happened on October 29, reports video shows how the old woman tries to defend herself while the worker repeatedly slaps her in the face and kicks her in the stomach.Gashi also said that three people were arrested in connection with this case.The Basic Prosecutor’s Office in Peja announced that two prosecutors were involved in this case. One of them, Dorian Yunik, told the media that two people with the initials AP and AR were arrested

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