Son Confronts Sketchy Salesman Who Sold His Mother With Dementia £8,000 Worth of Doors


he is a sketchy british salesman who takes advantage of an elderly dementia patient named heather to the tune of 8000. Fortunately for Heather, her son Dominic is there to rectify the situation and hit Mark with a brutally calm putdown. it appears heather was contacted by the zenith door call center and complained to them about a broken door knob. instead of helping her fix the problem mark pressured her into buying new doors for 8000 quid. "I don't want to shake your hand," Dominic tells Mark as they first meet. my mother is 80 years old. do you call someone who prays for old people?. He also seems to say that she needed those doors. Fortunately, Dominic was there to put him in his place.

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