Speakers So Loud They Send Ripples Through Spacetime


a clip recently went viral at an outdoor concert where the speakers were so powerful the shockwaves were visible on-camera and even physically blew back the hair of the. Which, as visually cool and interesting as that might be, is. . . arguably. . . not very cool for your ears. Not to sound like a dweeb or anything but -- word of advice -- if you're near a speaker so loud it's transporting your chest cavity to another dimension, get some earplugs or get some distance. nothing will ever be worth it.

In the clip, we see the speakers so loud they're distorting the camera lens and even blowing back the hair of the women in attendance. Concertgoers can be seen hitting the eject seat after a few laughs and bouncing, while others seem more than content to stand in the way of the sonic weapon being aimed right at their eardrums. Either way, to each his own; it's certainly a cool clip.

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