Starfield Gameplay Revealed at the Xbox & Bethesda Showcase


we finally have an authentic gameplay reveal for bethesda's much anticipated space-based rpg starfield. At the Xbox and Bethesda games showcase, we were shown almost 20 full minutes of Starfield including game environment, characters, weapons and even a brief tease of the games over arching story.

Starfield has been marketed as a next-generation intergalactic RPG from Bethesda and Xbox, and features an open world environment with apparently over 1,000 different plants to explore. brbr starfield has been in development for what seems to be forever. its release date was pushed back to 2023 and we hope that means we will have a more finished product when it hits shelves and online stores.

So far, reactions have been mild as most people don't want to get their hopes up. but a common theme among online gamers is that starfield reminds them of another intergalactic space exploration game no man's sky.

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