Stay at Home Girlfriend's Life Makes No Sense


The stay at home girlfriend turned TikToker kendelkay documents her days and routines taking care of herself, her boyfriend, and chores around the house. On the surface, everything seems well, with out dated gender roles not seemingly an issue. it doesn't hurt being ridiculously wealthy. but maybe it's not what it seems. A different person on TikTok, 1000mgibuprofen, decided to take the time to analyze her journal to some concerning results. she may be struggling with identity and aspirational issues a 24-year-old with no active plans might be dealing with. Others were quick to point out her lack of real caloric intake, and seemingly disassociated demeanor. Luke seems to be your stereotypical crypto bro as well, which puts concerns over their long term future. Oh wait, their parents are stupid rich too. nothing to worry about. all right. just maybe she's not happy.

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