Streamer Apologizes After Getting Caught Watching Pokimane Deepfakes


The Twitch streamer Atrioc has issued a tearful apology, after being caught on stream with an open tab featuring deepfakes of Pokimane and other prominent female streamers. a newfound fascination with ai and deepfake technology led him to a website with some unfortunate ads he claims. at some point he clicked on one that he shouldn't have. "I got morbidly curious and I clicked something," he says. Atrioc accepts responsibility and apologizes for his actions, claiming that he has always tried to make his streams a safe place for women, and he strongly condemns deepfake adult content. i think this whole category is wrong. " Reactions to his apology are mixed, and many people feel that his personal acquaintance with the streamers and their partners make his actions look worse. no one else involved in the incident commented on the incident at the time of publication.

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