Streamer Learns He Hasn't Been Claiming His Donations For 4 Years


While streaming with some of his fellow creators, the streamer TommyInnit learns that for a specific kind of streaming donation, you are required to go and claim it manually. Upon this realization, he momentarily goes silent while processing his past mistake, before stumbling upon a moment of pure euphoria as he learns that he has what is undoubtedly a significantly large chunk of change just sitting in his account waiting to be claimed. He shouts "I'm rich!" while the other streamers are beside themselves. Commentors on Twitter were quick to ask how this is even possible considering the fact that streaming is no doubt a huge portion of TommyInnit's income, but apparently the majority of donations when done through a normal banking account are processed automatically, while a minority that are sent through the platform must be claimed. either way this embarrassing mistake resulted in a nice little makeshift stash of cash that has now been claimed by the government.

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