Surfer Dodges 25+ People on a Crowded Wave


In a video clip that defies all reason, an unnamed surfer can be seen getting completely barreled while managing to dodge not just one other surfer, but more than twenty other surfers who were also riding the wave. it's a stunning athleticism and skill that few surfers can master. the biggest fear for anyone riding a crowded wave in a popular place is getting hit by another surfer. or hitting someone else?. this isn't taken lightly so when you see something like this you can only imagine the kind of practice and skill it takes to surf so well. bbr surfers have to worry about being hit by a wave and drowning which may be why they sometimes seem so serious when they're out. it's also possible that some of them are afraid of what lurks under these waters sharks barracudas jellyfish. . . we can't stop.

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