taylor swift fans lose it because of long queues and high ticketmaster fees


The TikToker perezhiltonthinks reveals the insane hidden fees deployed by Ticketmaster for highly coveted Taylor Swift Tickets. Ticketmaster has been strongly criticized over the past week for royally botching the rollout of Taylor Swift concert tickets. After sending out a pre-sale code before tickets went on sale, the company was somehow still unaware of the massive demand the tickets would draw, and thousands of fans have found themselves on waitlists or simply unable to get tickets after participating in the pre-sale. And for those lucky enough to make the cut, insane prices and fees await, as detailed by this video. Not only is this fiasco an example of the havoc a company with a monopoly over something in demand can wreak, but the prices mean that a huge portion of Taylor Swift's fan base, including many the music is directly marketed to, will be unable to attend.

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