Terrified Students Scatter As Gunfire Erupts During Football Game In North Carolina, 1 Person Shot!


LUMBERTON, N.C. — Video taken at a junior high football game shows the terrifying moments of gunfire erupting and students in the field scattering for shelter, screaming.People at the scene reported hearing several gunshots, and seeing a suspect dressed in black.Several video clips were posted to Facebook by witnesses within minutes of the shooting. Footage shows students kneeling for what appears to be a trophy ceremony when gunshots ring through the football stadium at Lumberton Senior High School during a junior high championship football game.The students on the field were from Lumberton Junior High and St. Pauls Middle School.At the end of the video, a student can be heard shouting, "Get down, Mr. Weller!" and then seen pulling a man to the ground. Comments on Facebook are praising his actions as being heroic.One person was confirmed to have been shot. Upon arrival to the school, Lumberton police officers found a 41-year-old woman with gunshot wounds.She was taken by helicopter to a hospital for life-threatening injuries. The victim’s name is being withheld as of Thursday morning.

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