Texas Teacher Placed on Leave For Telling Students He's 'Ethnocentric'


This Texas teacher has been put on administrative leave after telling his predominantly black students that he is ethnocentric and that he believes his race is superior to others. After some understandable disturbance from the students, the teacher goes on to try and explain his position by claiming that he thinks everybody believes their own race is superior, and he is simply acknowledging this. his admission has an obvious toll on the students with multiple students declaring that they no longer have respect for him when it would appear they did before. He goes on to say that they should respect him even more for his honesty, although seeing as he has just admitted he thinks his race is superior to theirs, the students' reactions make sense. The video raises disturbing questions about the extent to which teachers like this exist in classrooms throughout America, and it is ironic that the state which seeks to ban the teaching of racial perception throughout history has found itself with this scandal.

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