the 'charlie bit my finger' kid gives a tour of his yacht


it's been about 16 years since harry and his brother charlie went viral as toddlers on youtube and it would appear that now they're loaded with. In this video posted by TikToker Ted Zhar, Harry gives us a tour of his mega-yacht. no one hurts his finger. harry has made his money by selling alarm clocks that have second needs on ebay but it's hard to believe that. It's no secret that his family has profited off their viral video, with the clip racking up over 900 million views, and $1 million in YouTube royalties. a successful youtube channel brand deal and the video's recent sale as an nft for three-quarters of a million dollars certainly help the company. Still, a yacht like this costs magnitudes more, so it's hard to believe something else isn't at play. an article in the us news and world report reported that. S. he still works as an it consultant for the children's father sun. Based on this boat, however, he can probably quit whenever he likes.

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