the directors of 'everything all at once' kicked off their careers with absurdist lil jon video


One small yeah for the Daniels, one giant YEEAH-eah!!! for Daniel-kind. Last night 'Everything Everywhere All at Once' overlords Daniel Kwan and Daniel Scheinert (aka the Daniels) nabbed the Oscar for Best Director, a victory that surprised no one — except for Steven Spielberg, Lydia Tár and their absolutely massive egos. Yet long before our dynamic Daniel duo boldly asked the question of “what if Hollywood actually respected Michelle Yeoh and Ke Huy Quan?” the pair served as the visionaries for yet another cinematic masterpiece — Lil Jon and DJ Snake’s 2014 music video for “Turn Down for What. ” Featuring ceiling crashing, twerking, sentient breasts, face-melting and terrified families grappling with the absurdity unfolding around them, the mid-2010s video is a Daniels fever dream, a spiritual predecessor to "EEAAO". So here’s to the Daniels who have long proved they’d turn down for nothing — not even the IRS.

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