the landlords think you should tip them too


These landlords, twoguystakeonrealestate, think that you should tip your landlord. in this video they equate being a landlord to being a barista or a delivery driver and try to make the point that they provide a much more valuable service to the. is it true that you'll tip an extra 25 for someone to carry you a basket of chicken wings but you'll not tip someone who responds for after hours emergency calls? of course this argument is a logical fallacy because tipping exists to help supplement underpaid labor that we appreciate. By their logic, we should be tipping our doctors, teachers, and airline pilots. Plus, as one person comments, 25% on a $1600 rent may be a little more than 25% on a $27 bill from a restaurant. two real estate investment mentors have plenty of other ideas when it comes to being a landlord including changing laws that force them to maintain their properties. maybe landlords would get a tip every now and then if they weren't complete and complete knobs. this is a shame they won't know.

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