the man ends up hospitalized after holding blue dragons


these beautiful small blue sea slugs float upside down in the ocean drifting with the wind and waves. so the niceties end. Blue Dragons feed on venomous jellyfish-like cnidarians many times their size called the Portuguese man o’ war. They not only eat the man o' war, but re-purpose its stinging cells to use for themselves. blue dragons can pack a serious stinging punch and are not to be sneered at. So when "Dragon Hunter" julianobayd decides to scoop up a handful, he is definitely playing with fire. it's incredibly dangerous even for professionals he said. if he's a professional then maybe he would know he's an idiot. unfortunately for him the blue dragons do what they're designed to do and sting the crap out of them. julian will be in a hospital the next time we see him. fortunately blue dragon stings are not usually fatal but that doesn't mean you should try to pick them up yourself. even if you are a professional. ".

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