the o'reilly auto parts singers were hired for their wedding


just when you think you've seen everything you see the original voice cast of o'reilly auto parts hired to perform a full-length ad at a wedding. As pointed out by the official O'Reilly account on TikTok, nothing says everlasting love like the "Oh Oh Oh, O'Reilly" iconic jingle. that's what they thought anyway when they hired the original voice cast to perform the jingle live at their wedding. For how great the jingle sounds on TV, the singers were shockingly pitchy in real life, and could certainly have given it a bit more enthusiasm. there's no need for him to hold his ear monitor like he's in front of 100 thousand screaming fans. Still, the voice actor kills it, and the bride in the background looks as excited as a bride at her wedding should look. here's to eternal love and easy car maintenance.

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