The Story of the Influencer Who Faked Having Cancer to Sell Her Wholistic Lifestyle


belle gibson was one of the first social media influencers and used her story of beating terminal brain cancer with a holistic diet to acquire a social media following and life-changing brand deals. the only problem is that it was fake. The Australian influencer claimed to have been the main provider for her family consisting of an absent father, disabled mother, and autistic brother. She then asserted that she was diagnosed with terminal brain cancer at the age of 18, choosing to ultimately peruse her own form of treatment after the trauma of chemotherapy. after documenting her facebook experience and launching her own food app belle's following grew massively. She appeared on shows, and even had app deals with Apple. Unfortunately, a story that sounds too good to be true often is, and as her lies perpetuated, eventually the world caught on. in this story belle gibson's rise and her downfall is the ultimate tragedy.

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