The Yassificiation of the Quaker Oats Man


Move over, Chrissy Teigen, Lea Michelle and pretty much every girl with more than 3,000 Instagram followers: It seems yet another celebrity has joined the legion of Hot GirlsTM hoping on the buccal fat removal wave — the Quaker Oats man. Earlier this week, TikToker — nay, hero @brettneyspears took to the video-sharing platform with a clip highlighting how even notably un-hot food mascots aren’t immune to the growing pressures of meeting social media beauty standards, breaking down just how much the namesake Quaker of Quaker Oats has changed since his first appearance in the mid-’50s. “Since everyone seems to be so scared to say it, I guess I will say it,” he commenced the clip, which has since garnered more than 178. 7 thousand likes. it's called rhinoplasty. Blepharoplasty. Brow life. Buccal fat removal. full facelift is okay. the neck is lifted. shave your jaws. Fat transfers into the cheeks. Ozempic. you know. ”Quaker Oats man, in the off chance you’ve become sentient remember, you’re beautiful the way you are … like now. Keep up the good work, king!.

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