they try to warn dude that his camera is on as he prepares to beat it up


This work zoom call goes off the rails when one co-worker, Daniel, decides that he needs to finish before the call does. A few co-workers catch on to what's happening as soon as Daniel stands up, but unfortunately his headset is off, and the warning falls on deaf, and particularly horny ears. The people on the call watch on in disbelief as all the appropriate prep is done, each with a unique form of disbelief, and all unable to stop Daniel before the pants come down. The fact that Daniel doesn't react whatsoever to the chaos in the call indicates that perhaps this was premeditated, and he had every intention of going down while something else went up. zoom masturbation is a surprisingly common offense in this new age of online working and it's hard to believe that some people can't resist the urge or remember their camera is on. Or they're like Daniel, and just don't give a f**k.

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