this black hole cia diagram may hold the key to understanding the universe


break out your tin foil hats and all the weed you can find. we're on a journey folks. a 30-page document was sent to the us department of agriculture. S. Army Operational Group on June 9, 1983 entitled 'Analysis and Assessment of Gateway Process. in september 2003 the book was released to the public and included a drawn diagram suggesting that our universe is somehow located inside a black hole. according to the documents of the cia it is possible to see how the implosion of energy patterns would cross and recross to create an extremely complex four-dimensional hologram or torus in spiral shape in reflection of the multi-dimensional. best of luck with your digestion. essentially the idea is that our universe was created by being sucked into a black hole and accumulating mass over time. as far-fetched as this idea may sound there is some math supporting the theory. However no stone-cold evidence has been presented proving 100% that our universe ever originated from a black hole. it's simply a theory.

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