this dude may have just solved the great debate about the toilet seat


leon lush did the math and may have cracked the code when it comes to the fairness of handling the toilet seat situation with couples. He brings up a great point about the number of actions required per urinary event as he aptly named it if the man is required to put the seat up and down each time. He points out that the woman can just sit down, do his business and be on her way resulting in zero actions (or two if you count closing the lid to flush and re-opening it) whereas the man has to put it up, then down each time (plus closing and reopening the lid to flush) making his action count 2 (or 4) each time he goes to the bathroom. His solution is as genius as it is simple, is that the man should be allowed to leave the seat up after raising it resulting in only one action, and the woman should put it down and leave it down when using the bathroom, leveling the playing field to 1 action per urinary event per person.

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