'This is Your One Chance': Cops Raid Underage College Bar and Everyone Clears Out


when a police officer raids this underage college bar they give everyone the chance to get out first. it's so nice. Except from the looks of it, that's every single person in the bar. tell the cop you're underage. "This is your one chance!" One of the students mocks the cop by yelling his message back at him; likely not the best idea in a situation where the cop is itching to hand out some tickets. the exodus from the bar reveals that the business might be in more trouble than any of the students in the class. "The bartender starts cleaning because he knows it's closing time," one person comments. "Yeah that's real bad," someone else says. by the end of the month this place will be a coffee shop. but even before the raid it looked like a sketchy operation. As one person points out, "A bar using SOLO cups is your first sign they probably didn't have the liquor license to lose. ".

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