This Woman Is an Encyclopedia but for Sexual Favors


sybil is an absolute expert when it comes to knowing what different moves are called in the bedroom. the girl must have been in the sheets in the day. . . and maybe he's still there?. on british game show mastermind contestants compete in a fairly standard quiz show format. After that, they continue into a roundabout a "specialized subject" of their choosing. Specialized subjects have ranged from paintings to movies, to artist bios. but sybil has chosen sexual favors. but it's smart to be honest about what you know. With such answers like "The Rusty Trombone," "Teabagging," and "Tune in Tokyo," there's no doubt that Sybil has seen and done a thing or two. sybil claims she's retired from the navy. professionally maybe?. personally i love you. . . we bet she's working hard.

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