Throat Singing On the Work Intercom is Wholesome Office Shenanigans


The ThroatGoattt on TikTok, also known online as Zachungo has racked up 31k followers as the internet's favorite throat singer. He took a break from work to use the insanely loud intercom speakers to up his game, and the results are godly. The type of singing is usually designated for ancient Tibetan monks or cool Mongolian warriors, but the Throat Goat proves you can be great at it even if you’re just… some white dude. zach is a self-taught throat singer from michigan who has been working on his technique for three years. he is now bringing dune soundtrack sounds to his job at his family's skydiving business. “Went to buy goggles, suddenly I’m on Arrakis. ” commented @daniel on TikTok. “Dave in accounting started levitating,” wrote @n0cturnalmj. Zach gets adventurous with it, adding helium, doing collabs, and singing on the toilet. He can also (probably) claim the title of the only guy to throat sing while skydiving.

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