TikTok Teens Try to Cancel Gordon Ramsay over Lamb Video


one of my favorite people in the world continues to be gordon ramsay.

The celebrity chef took to his TikTok to give us an inside look at some adorable lambs, which of course are then going to be slaughtered, cooked and eaten. In the video Ramsay is teasing the lambs saying things like, "Yum, yum, yum. and i'll eat you. very cute.

And because we can't have anything nice in this stupid world, some butthurt teens cried about it to PETA, and are now trying to get Gordon Ramsay cancelled. to hell with everything. i'm riding gordon ramsay. his humor is great with children and he despises adults. What's not to love?

In celebration of this video, I think I might have a nice lamb gyro for dinner tonight. in new york there are some really solid gyro places. . . i'm hungry. i cannot wait.

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