Tiktoker Calls Out ‘Queefing Spiderman’, Says She’s the Real Queen of Queefing


a turf war appears over the title of the original tiktok queefers title. The TikToker wizqueifa_ went viral a few months ago, after posting this video of herself queefing while dressed as Spiderman. While that video has garnered over 4 million likes, it would seem that wizqueifa is being challenged as the original TikTok queefer. This user posted from a since deleted account, showing off her talent, and accusing wizqueifa of stealing her idea. She does acknowledge in her description that, "The difference is she has the balls to keep her post up. this is what separates the queen from the original. while disagreements between content creators are common these days who would have thought that this particular niche would fall victim next?. ".

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