TikToker With Absolutely Zero Knife Safety Skills Makes Herself Onion Water


TikTok influencer @peachmangojuice777 uploaded a video prepping some ‘onion water’ (we don’t condone) because she was feeling sick before a big exam. it was her knife skills that were even more outrageous than the idea of cutting up a raw white onion throwing it into a glass of water and dripping. TikTok immediately duetted the crap out of the video and tore her apart in the comments for her apparent lack of regard for her fingers and arms. She takes a massive chef’s knife and stabs the onion, struggling to cut into it, on a dinner plate no less. It almost slips multiple times. there's a false move and a trip to the er. The general consensus is she should consider herself extremely lucky she got through chopping that whole onion unscathed. Also, that onion water is f****** gross.

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