TommyInnit Baits Gordon Ramsay With Hellish Cooking Tutorial


Gordon Ramsay hilariously reacts to YouTuber and Twitch streamer TommyInnit absolutely butchering an egg sandwich. In his sarcastic video, Tommy films himself making the world's best egg sandwich to prove he is better than the legendary Gordon Ramsay. He accomplishes this by spilling egg, overcooking, and of course leaving the eggshells in for extra crunch. Marvelous! Ramsay chooses to play along with the bit, reacting to the video with shock and disgust. "Stop playing with your food!" he yells, and finishes the video by exclaiming, "You're 12, I'm 72!" Tommy and Gordon are 18 and 56 years old respectively. this is the crossover you never thought you would get and you never knew that you needed. tommy's sandwich looks delicious we might go with gordon ramsay the next time it's up to these two to cook us something else.

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