Tragedy: Surveillance Video Captures A Suspension Bridge Collapsing Into The River In India Leaving


At least 141 people were killed after a pedestrian bridge collapsed in Morbi, India which sent hundreds of people into the Machchhu River. The bridge, which was constructed in the late 1800s and has been a popular tourist attraction, had just recently reopened after undergoing repairs. While an exact cause of the collapse is unknown, several factors are believed to have contributed to the disaster. The first is over crowding that exceeded the bridges weight limits.Likewise, footage moments before the collapse show a group of young men rocking the bridge back and forth. Lastly, there have been unverified claims by local officials that the bridge was reopened before undergoing stress tests. Indian authorities have arrested nine people, including two construction contractors who worked on the bridge. The other arrests consist of workers and security at the bridge for failing to maintain crowds

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