Treasure Hunter Almost Catches a Plane Crash on Camera


TikToker Joseph Cook (@joedigger) has established a name for himself for being that guy at the beach with a metal detector. His account features hundreds of videos of his treasure-hunting adventures and his crazy finds. Recently, he made headlines for returning his luckiest find, a $40,000 diamond wedding ring, to its rightful owners. And that’s not even the craziest thing to have happened to him. Joe was out searching for hunks of metal buried under the beaches of Anastasia State Park, FL on Monday, November 14th, when he found a hunk of metal hurtling toward him from the sky. A passenger biplane just nearly missed him and crash-landed on the beach just a few hundred feet away. so he ran over to check on the pilot immediately. Miraculously, both he and the pilot survived unscathed.

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