Trucker Swerving off Road to Avoid Head on Collision Captured on Dashcam


The truck driver and Twitch streamer @ChillyWillyNV was involved in a crash after swerving to avoid a head on collision with a car drifting across the divider. the whole incident was caught on his livestream. While the red car at fault escaped without harm, Willy's truck found itself in a ditch and on its side. fortunately willy himself was able to get out of the house unharmed. Some ridiculous comments suggest that the car didn't drift over the line enough to warrant such an accident, and one comment even states that he should have just accepted the collision. there are also some people who complain about his streaming while driving. i trust that an experienced driver handled the truck to its best ability. As for the streaming, he's watching the road with his hands on the wheel at all times, and now he has some footage for insurance and job security.

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