trump's visit to an east palestine mcdonald's proves his one liner game is still strong


Though former President Donald Trump may have snagged a rare W after managing to beat Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg to East Palestine, Ohio, where a train derailment and chemical explosion has caused environmental — and existential — concerns, it seems 45’s visit would not be complete without flexing his McDonald’s menu knowledge. On Wednesday, February 23, 45 took a break from his busy schedule of shilling NFTs and dunking on Mayor Pete by, well, existing to treat first responders to a “nice array” of McDonald’s goodies, taking every opportunity to flaunt his apparent fast food expertise. what do you do?. twitter has 8 million followers. After taking a break from his order to offer a very Trumpian greeting to the crowd of residents and onlookers — “Hello everybody, that’s a nice, beautiful looking group of people,” he said — he offered a bold proclamation to the bewildered cashier. do you know this menu?. i probably know it better than anyone else in this house. very nice donnie.

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