TV Interviewer Left Speechless after Failing to Shame Carpenter For His "Harmful" Practices


Cameron the carpenter owns live talk TV host Mike Graham in this short but memorable clip, after the host tries to embarrass him with a dumb question. While doing a segment on Insulate Britain, a climate activist group that had been staging civil disobedience protests around England, Mike Graham attempts to interview Cameron, one of the movement's spokesmen. from the gates swinging cameron implies that he'd rather not watch graham's show. Graham then tries to get even with a "gotcha" type question, implying that being a carpenter is not great for the environment. Cameron is ready with calm yet devastating responses, and lets his own silence back the host into a corner. in the end graham makes the assertion that you can grow concrete a statement he has tried many times to back up since the film was released. i'm sure cameron would have had some interesting things to say if a host had been ready to listen. Instead, we have this minute long clip.

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