Twitch Streamer Told to STFU By Pissed Off Paint Class Hardo


during an adult art class this streamer got under the skin of one of his classmates. While explaining something to the person next to him, it becomes obvious that the streamer is about to launch into an answer complete with nuance, careful consideration of multiple angles, and unique perspectives to consider. Not wanting to hear any of this, the guy across from him stands up and tells him to shut the f**k up. an art class quiet environment is the perfect foil to this loud and direct confrontation and the man immediately apologizes to his fellow classmates and goes to see himself out of. Not wanting the scene to continue, the streamer quickly forgives the guy. it's worth noting that the guy only apologizes to his fellow classmates. sometimes there's nothing better to make someone aware of their surroundings than an old-fashioned stfu. they both go back to their paintings in the end.

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