Twitch Streamer Tyongeee's Friend Gets Confronted By Pissed Off Stranger While Live


The Twitch streamer Tyongee caught this angry man on camera going off on her friend. As angry as he seems, neither Tyongee nor her friend could care less, and they hardly even give him a look of acknowledgment. even the guy realizes how much of a loser he is when he spots the camera and quickly makes an exit from the camera. the idea behind the man's rant is to let tyongee's friend know that he will never be as successful as him and that he's one of forbes' top 10 riches. it's a little difficult to believe. he is probably the most successful at being a jerk. It might be a good thing he noticed the camera and made an exit because the friend definitely had that "you don't want to mess with me" action movie posture and smirk going on that, and about 40 pounds of muscle.

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