unidentified activist drops oil she just poured on the road


since protestors involved with the 'just stop oil' climate activism group threw tomato soup on van gogh's 'sunflower' last october extreme climate protests have been a contentious. Activists across Europe have glued themselves to roads, occupied Porsche dealerships, and delayed musical performances. other works of art such as les meules by monet have also been targeted. Many people have spoken out against these protests, even those who agree with the cause, claiming that they run the risk of alienating public support. if that hasn't happened then it's hard to argue it has. These protestors have decided to pour oil across a busy intersection; a perplexingly ironic idea considering that they are protesting oil's harmful environmental impact. the slick liquid quickly caught one of the activists who fell flat on her face before she was escorted away by police. maybe authorities can clean up the oil spill before a motorcycle arrives?.

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