us military releases footage of russian su-27 colliding with american reaper drones


military officials released video from the american mq-9 reaper drone that crashed into the black sea on tuesday after appearing to collide with a russian sukhoi. The video shows the Russian jets dumping fuel on the drone in an attempt to harass it, before a likely pilot error resulted in the collision. Although Russia claims that there was no physical contact between the crafts, the video and a damaged drone rear propellor would indicate otherwise. The drone was terminally damaged, resulting in its Black Sea crash, and although both countries have moved to recover the wreckage, it would appear that nobody will get their hands on the drone. it has not been recovered and i'm not sure we're going to be able to recover it. in the black sea it was very deep water. the biden administration has not chosen to respond aggressively to the downing of the unmanned aircraft in afghanistan.

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