what's coming to karen at walmart?


Normally, Karens prefer to use their words over acts of physical aggression, but these two Walmart women had no qualms with throwing hands in the checkout line. While it's unclear what started their altercation, the checkout line turns out to be the perfect place for animosity to build. As tensions boil over, one woman moves her cart past the other, lightly bumping her in the process. This bump does not go over well with Karen, as she pursues to get a lick in. Before the shouting Walmart security can intervene, both women begin throwing punches, and Karen quickly finds herself on the floor. The Walmart employee tries to break up the fight by shouting, but refrains from laying a hand on either woman. That was probably for the best, as we got ourselves a funny clip, and he kept himself out of whatever silly lawsuit one of them could cook up.

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