Wild: Shooting Breaks Out During Fight After An Argument Between A Couple Escalated Outside A Club..


According to Houston police, it happened around 2 a.m. at The Oak Bar & Grill in the 2500 block of Southmore Blvd. near Texas Southern University. That's when officers were called to a "shooting in progress" and when they arrived, found a large crowd at the scene as well as four people with gunshot wounds.�Three of the individuals shot were taken to the hospital, while the fourth was pronounced dead at the scene. Their identities were not released, as of this writing.It's unclear what caused the disturbance, but it's believed a man and woman got into a fight inside the bar, which then escalated outside in the parking lot, where the shooting occurred.�Two men and a woman were shot, but investigators said there were several shooters and do not have a description of who they are. No additional information was shared, as of this writing, but an investigation remains underway

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