Woman Documents the Lazy Shit Her Boyfriend Does, But People Argue She's to Blame


As part of her "Lazy sh*t my boyfriend does" series, former Love Island Australia contestant Francoise Draschler made a TikTok showcasing small household tasks that her boyfriend neglects. if her boyfriend wants to meet her household cleanliness standards he has a long way to go from not changing a toilet paper roll to incorrectly loading the dishwasher. many of francoise's women immediately understood her frustrations. "Red flag! You aren’t his mother - he is suppose to be an equal partner," one person commented. "And they wonder why we aren’t jumping on top of them all the time," said another. However, many people were on the boyfriend's side, especially considering he has ADHD. he's tired of being nagged every damn time someone responded. this is how i am diagnosed with adhd. it's not on purpose if i don't concentrate really hard then i don't even realize i'm leaving stuff lying around around. despite the disagreement in the comments it doesn't seem that the australian couple takes things seriously. In a subsequent TikTok, they appear to joke about the video. if he doesn't leave too many things out he'll be fine.

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