Woman Goes Viral For Stating She Won’t Quit Vaping While Pregnant


tell me the question that lit mom-tok ablaze. Earlier this year, TikToker @kaymariewulf18 headed to the platform with a question that could only be answered by the fine parents of TikTok … or, well a licensed medical professional: Should pregnant people be shamed for vaping? Despite the CDC’s stance that “Although the aerosol of e-cigarettes generally has fewer harmful substances than cigarette smoke, e-cigarettes and other products containing nicotine are not safe to use during pregnancy,” it seems she begs to differ, taking to the platform to share her argument. “Proud of the people who actually were able to quit, but shaming people who are struggling isn't right,” she wrote in her caption. y'all really find an issue with everything that doesn't affect you personally or will not affect you. Quit judging/shaming bc its not something you'd personally do. ”.

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