Woman Lucky to Be Alive after Holding Poisonous Blue Ringed Octopus


This woman picks up and holds a Blued Ringed Octopus, blissfully unaware that the cute tiny creature has enough venom to kill 20 people in minutes. Thankfully, she puts it down before it gets any ideas, but her continued life can now be attributed to a certain Octopoda's good mood. it's usually not a good idea to touch cute and colorful creatures in nature and the blue ringed octopus is no exception. Fortunately for us humans, they mostly save their venomous bites for things they plan to eat, and only three deaths have been attributed to the critter since the 1960s. They also display clear warning signs before striking; growing in size to a length of five to eight inches, turning a brighter yellow, and changing their rings from a matte, to iridescent blue. i'm just saying if you pay attention you'll know something's going on before it messes you. i bet this woman will think twice before picking up something else from the beach.

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