Woman Orders 1/4lb of Cheese From Walmart, Gets Sent 30 Pounds and Charged $500 Instead


TikTok user courtneydeemss thought she made a normal order for a quarter pound of cheese from Walmart. Instead of getting that, she found herself with 30 pounds of it, and 500 dollars charged to her. You might think that someone would double check an order for 500 pounds worth of cheese, but that's the nature of a big business like Walmart. now courtney says she has to come in person and return the cheese. this is not an isolated problem some commentators indicate. he said i ordered a half pound of sliced turkey from the deli. They literally sent me the ENTIRE thing, unsliced, still shrink wrapped. " Another person says, "I had the reverse happen! I ordered a pound of carrots. i have a sad little lonely carrot for you. wal-mart may need to adjust its online ordering strategy or its inventory might start to look pretty weird.

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