'You’ve Had Them Long Enough': Gym Karen Steals Woman’s Dumbbell Mid Workout


the gymfluencer kylen suttner was busy minding her own business at the gym when a karen decided that her free weight time was over. Filming people at the gym has been a controversial subject of late, but in this case Kylen can be glad she did. As she finishes a set of curls, a mystery hand reaches in and grabs the dumbbell. i waited for a long time. who knows what she plans to do with a dumbbell?. "I would make a huge scene," one person says. i have no one to take my stuff. other people felt that maybe karen might have a point. "Some people are at the gym to make videos, others are there to actually work out. " Either way, wait your turn, go do another work out, or find a way to work out privately if you have a problem with waiting.

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