'You Don't Give AF About Your Kid You Give AF About Dick!': Sacramento Couple's Quarrel is Next Leve


this rowdy sacramento couple has some funny lines as they are filmed and interviewed by a nosey neighbor. you're doing well?. no i'm not. It seems like the argument centers around sexuality and fidelity; the woman claims that she hasn't had sex in months, while her husband is convinced that she's been cheating. do you think your puy is good?. "No," she answers without hesitation. i've not fed him in months. " Eventually, she says that she's done for good, and we hear the man's side of the argument. "You don't give a f**k about your kid," he yells at her, "you give a f**k about dick!" Unfortunately, this argument takes place in the real world, and there is a child that will be forced to grow up amongst this chaos and instability. hoping that these parents can resolve their differences for bella's sake.

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