'You Live Like This?' Influencer Exposes the State of Her House


TikToker Taylor Paul posted this short walkthrough of the inside of her house, and people were shocked at its messy state. Reactions ranged from disgust, to worry, to relief. taylor has recently undergone a mormon'soft-swing' divorce but doesn't shy away from showing the rougher side of her life taylor. Part of that reality includes periods where cleaning is not high on the list of priorities, or feels like a daunting task when paired with grief and a lack of motivation. many people are shocked to see a home like this on video. some comments urge her to go to therapy while others are horrified by the house's dirty state. despite this transparency some people feel refreshed to see that their own messy living spaces are not an anomaly. we hope taylor can find the strength to clean her house and eventually clear her mind.

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