your anti tank mines don't bother ukrainians


The Russia Ukraine conflict has been nothing short of horrifying, and therefore has produced quite a number of harrowing videos. The resolve and bravery of the Ukrainian people has been incredible, and they have most certainly shot up the rankings of the nations with the biggest balls.

In this incredible video, we see normal Ukrainian civilians driving over a bridge loaded with anti tank mines, as they line up their cars, and drive over them like they're some slightly larger than average rocks, or potholes or something. It's a good thing they don't have too many low riders over there.

Perhaps the craziest part of this video however, is the fact that the person filming has no issue standing, watching, and directing the drivers while mere feet from the mines. He must have some real trust in the drivers, especially considering that the weight of all their balls might just set the mines off on their own.

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