'You're a Broke B**ch': Dollar Tree Cashier Owns Karen While Keeping the Checkout Line Moving


This Dollar Tree cashier is an absolute pro, as he owns a Karen and her husband all while keeping the checkout line moving. if he confronts anyone he will throw profanities at him. This Karen is trying to get a refund for old items, something he informs her is against store policy. now she's trying to make a living by paying less for her new items. "You're a broke b**ch," he tells her. "You got $40 worth of s**t in a basket and you're sitting here counting. after getting offended by this statement karen informs him that her husband has a grand in the car and she goes to get him. "You've got Walmart boots," he tells the husband. while he watches the chaos unfold he doesn't miss a scan in the checkout line and customers continue to roll through like everything is normal. just another day at the dollar tree.

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